About Us

AYURSUN PHARMA has been promoted by Dr. Sandip Patel(AYURVEDACHARYA) - an experienced Ayurved practitioner - who has been practicing only Ayurvedic medicine. All the proprietary formulations which are presented in this therapeutic guide are based on his experience and Re-Search. They have been dispensed to his patients over the years and have proven their efficacy.

The Company to provide Re-Search medicines with very good quality at affordable and competitive rates.

                Company manufactured patent, Shastrokta, Veterinary, Poultry & Pet Formulations with Natural Herbs & Minerals. All this formulations are manufactured under strict quality control & combine the time tested remedies of Ayurveda with modern manufacturing, Testing and Packing facilities so as to ensure the best of both Science to Human Life.

 In pursuance of these Mission-Goals AYURSUN will continue to improve quality of its existing range of formulations.

 AYURSUN welcomes all suggestions which may help to improving the quality of its formulation.

Concept of Ayurveda is to provide the strength of science of life to promote the Essence of health to keep away from psychosomatic  disorders by controlling "TRIDOSHA" - Vata, Pitta & Kapha.

Basics of origin of Ayurveda which is as old as 6000 years have been well documented. As the most valuable treasure in CHARRAKA-SAMHITA and SHUSHRUTA-SAMHITAS.

A doctor's dream to help and serve the duffering humanity with the science the Life-Ayurveda has come to life with the emergence of an innovative research oriented Ayurvedic company - "Ayursun Pharma".

Ayursun name itself expresses the meaningful purpose  of providing Health Care with Ayurvedic natural Herbs.

A decade of successful clinical experience of curing patients by unique Ayurvedic concept is the culmination of the new era in the field of Ayurvedic formulation.

We shall make all the best efforts to upgrade  our performance through your advice and prtronage. We earnestly look forward to your whole hearted support to make the headway to become the company of repute in the field of Ayurvedic concept.